Why You Should Travel to Iceland After COVID-19

Why You Should Travel to Iceland After COVID-19

As restrictions in Europe slowly ease, travel will soon be back on the cards. But a lot of the once-incredible destinations don’t look so attractive anymore. A city break in Europe will mean masks on in the street and queues to get into shops. A sun, surf and sand holiday in Spain will mean distancing on the beach and limited food and drink service. With public health now a major concern for travellers, visiting Iceland after COVID-19 might just be the best choice you can make. It’s isolated shores and loose social restrictions make it the perfect spot for a break from the coronavirus.

Iceland: A Post-Pandemic Paradise

Iceland has announced new rules regarding the arrival of tourists, which will come into effect no later than June 15.  Inbound passengers can get a test at the airport. Once cleared, you’ll be able to travel around Iceland without spending 14 days in quarantine. From the beginning, there has been a fantastic response in Iceland. The government will continue to rely on the test and trace method as tourists return to the country. If you need a bit more convincing, here are 5 reasons to travel to Iceland after COVID-19.

Announcements, statistics and recommendation from the Icelandic government.

1.      The Country Will be Almost Empty of Tourists

It’s no secret: Iceland is a popular tourist destination. In 2019, almost 2 million visitors flocked to our volcanic island, far outnumbering the small population of around 364,000. A lot of the popular sites are so busy it sometimes takes away a bit of the magic. One of the questions we’re often asked is “how can I avoid the crowds?”. While it is easy for campers to get off the beaten track, the small number of tourists forecast to visit this year is the number one reason why you should travel to Iceland after COVID-19. It won’t take long for the incredible numbers of 2019 to return. There has never been a better chance to see the majestic landscapes of Iceland without the crowds.

2.      Social Distancing is Easy in Iceland

Even when there are thousands of visitors in the country, finding your own slice of isolation was never that hard. Despite what it looks like on the world map, Iceland is a vast country. Every fjord, mountain range and valley are worth exploring, around every corner another fantastic view. Most visitors stick to the Golden Circle and South Coast, leaving other regions empty. Head into the East and discover the beautiful mountains and some deserted hiking trails. The north is a volcanic powerhouse, with deserted corners offering a glimpse into life at the edge of the Arctic. The Westfjords are most isolated of all, with more visitors tackling the highlands than this part of Iceland.

3.      Your Money Will go Further

One of the biggest factors of a trip in Iceland has always been the cost. Iceland is an expensive country; a burger, fries and a drink can set you back over $30 USD. But the Icelandic Krona is notoriously unstable, fluctuating wildly with international events. The coronavirus pandemic has struck the country’s economy hard, and the Icelandic kroner has plummeted in worth. For tourists, it’s good news: your money now goes further than before. In a country that’s one of the most expensive in the world, that’s great news.

4.      Travelling in Iceland is Safe

If you have visited Iceland before, you’ll know that this is true; Iceland constantly ranks as one of the safest destinations in the world. But travelling in Iceland after COVID-19, the word safe has another meaning. How safe will I be from the coronavirus? What procedures are currently in place? Iceland responded early to the pandemic, with extensive testing and tracing allowing the country to avoid the strict lockdown measures seen in other countries. It will continue with this strategy, and travellers should download the Icelandic COVID-19 app for tracing prior to arriving. Only those who test negative can continue their trip without isolating for 14 days. Restrictions continue to ease, and restaurants are open for business across the country.

Announcements, statistics and recommendation from the Icelandic government.  

5.      Nature and Landscapes in Iceland After COVID-19 

With a lot of countries under strict lockdown for the past few months, there has been a serious lack of nature in a lot of lives. Many will be after a change of scenery, and the incredible landscapes of Iceland are the perfect remedy. This is a country where wilderness rules supreme. From the Arctic desert and volcanic oases in the highlands to the silent fjords etched into the coast, Iceland’s landscapes are varied and awe-inspiring. It’s easy to leave the crowds behind with a long hike into a valley or soaking in a forgotten hot spring for an hour or two whilst looking out over a fjord. Reconnecting with nature should be a priority as we resume travelling, and there’s no better place to do that than Iceland.

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