Icelandic carbon fund

With Go Campers and Kolviður the Icelandic carbon fund

Go Campers has taken to step to offer customers to offset their carbon footprint through tree planting. This is done in collaboration with Kolviður the Icelandic carbon fund. 

As a campervan rental or any car rental, we inevitably have a negative impact on our environment. Our environmental policy is to reduce waste and CO2 emissions. The collaboration with Kolviður is one step towards this goal. 

The cost to participate is insignificant or 1-2 EUR per day, depending on the camper you rent. The entire amount goes to Kolviður and we thank you for showing an interest and being a part of this important project. 

The Sharing Center 

Customers can leave food for other Go Campers customers at our office. The idea was born since we noticed customers were leaving a lot of perfectly good food in our campers. Food is often in way too big portions for a short camping trip and therefore this is an ideal solution. This both saves money and reduces unnecessary waste. 

Sharing is caring! 

sharing center

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