The Complete Guide to Campsites in Iceland

While renting a campervan allows you to be mobile and see the country at your own pace, campsites provide you a safe, comfortable space to bunk down at night at an affordable price. We’ve compiled maps, frequently asked questions, and everything you need to know about campsites in this handy guide. Have questions? Feel free to contact our experienced team for more information.

The Best Campsites of Iceland

These Campsites are open during summertime

This map shows all campsites in Iceland with special icon colors annotating several different kinds of campsites. The orange icon shows the favorite campsites of Go Campers’ team members, the green icon shows campsites that accept the Camping Card, and the yellow icon shows free campsites.

All Year Campsites - (15/9-15/5)

There are many campsites in Iceland that are open during the summer months when we get the most sunlight but shut down for the darker, colder months. However, more and more people are discovering winter camping in Iceland and as a result, more campsites are opening year-round as well.  The campsites on the map below are those that are open year-round. If you click on the icon on the map, you can see the address and contact information for each campsite. You can also click on ‘View in Google Maps’ to get directions to each of them and read their reviews.

Camping in Iceland FAQs


Our Favorite Campsites

We have included some of our staff’s favorite campsites around Iceland on our map but also wanted to give you a bit of background on why they are so well-loved. Read more below to find out why these are the best places to camp in Iceland:

Þakgil Campsite

- Benedikt

“Þakgil Campsite is definitely one of the coolest campsites in the country. Everything about the place is unique, starting with the views on offer from the rough dirt road that takes you there. Once you’ve arrived, there are loads of great hiking trails in the surrounding area, taking in some of south Iceland’s most gorgeous and colorful scenery. The campsite common area is even inside a cave – very cool. Worth the effort it takes to get here”.

Svínafell Campsite

- James

“I discovered the campsite at Svínafell the last time I was going hiking in Skaftafell, and instantly fell in love. Everything about it is just a little bit better than the Skaftafell campsite, which already is very good. There’s a large building with a kitchen, plenty of table space to eat your food, and lots of other campers and hikers to talk with. Most importantly, the showers are included in the camping fee. Plus, the views of the glacier in the distance are phenomenal”.

Heiðarbær Campsite

- James

“When I first arrived at Heiðarbær campsite, I couldn’t believe my luck. There’s a restaurant inside the huge house where you can order food and beers, a small lounge area, and even a swimming pool on site. The campsite is a huge paddock protected from the wind by some trees, and it’s always filled with Icelandic families on vacation. It’s a great spot to stay before going whale watching in Húsavík or if you’re trying to avoid the midges that swarm through the campsites around Mývatn”.

Ásbyrgi Campsite

- Júlíus

“As part of the network of campsites run by the National Park, this campsite is a little bit expensive, and you do have to charge for showers. However, this is one of the only spots where I don’t care; there’s no other campsite like it in the country. Camping right at the base of the canyon walls is something that’s truly special, and you can easily go for walks along the cliffs as the sun sets after the day visitors have left”.

Ísafjörður Campsite

- Íris

“For those that make it all the way out to the Westfjords, camping at Ísafjörður is a treat. Set at the base of the mountains, the surrounding nature is spectacular. You can walk up behind the campsite to a waterfall, and there are pretty views over the entire fjord. I was there in 2019 and they’ve just completed a new house with brand new kitchen facilities, bathrooms, and a few showers. A perfect spot, and a short drive away from the restaurants in Ísafjörður”.

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