Frequently Asked Questions


COVID 19 - Coronavirus

Cancellation policy

Postponing your booking

Our measure and action against the COVID19 situation

Directions and shuttle service

Do you have suggestions how to reach your location from the airport?

Can you give me directions from down town Reykjavík to your office in Hafnarfjörður?

How can we reach the airport from your location after dropping off the camper?


Age and driving license

When are you open?

Where are you located?

Can I drop the camper off out of hours?

Do you offer emergency road side assistance?

Is there any kilometer limit on your campers?

What is your fuel policy?

During winter are all your campers equipped with winter tires?

Are any of your campers allowed on F-roads?

Are there any F-roads that you do not suggest driving on with your 4x4 campers?

Do you offer Automatic campers?

Do you have other questions about our campervans in Iceland?

Cost, Payment and Bookings

Can I start my booking by paying a confirmation fee ?

How do I pay?

What is the cancellation policy of Go Campers?

What is included in your camper rental rates?

Is it safe to pay with my credit card through your website?

Should I have received a confirmation email? I made a booking but I have no booking number.

Is the price for the shuttle 30 euros per person ?

Service fee and fines

Travelling in Iceland

Where can we park/camp for the night?

How many days do I need to complete the ring road?

Where can I get some information regarding what special hazards I might expect while driving in Iceland?

How much does the fuel cost in Iceland?


What kind of insurance do you offer?

Can I decide what insurances and extra equipment I hire at pickup?