Customized Campervan Itinerary

Custom campervan travel itineraries for Iceland!

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time visitor, our local Iceland expert can plan the perfect camper van trip for you. Book an unforgettable Icelandic campervan journey planned by a local expert!

These personal campervan itineraries give you the freedom and flexibility to explore Iceland at your own pace. From discovering the stunning natural beauty of the country’s glaciers, waterfalls, and hot springs, to experiencing the rich culture and history of the towns, James will help you make the most of your time in Iceland.

Why Should You Book a Personalized Itinerary?

  • Take the stress out of planning your route around Iceland.
  • Discover the country’s hidden gems as well as the hot spots.
  • Receive knowledge from a local expert with years of experience traveling in Iceland.

How it Works

  • During the booking process, the customized itinerary option can be added on the ‘extras’ page.
  • After your booking is complete, you’ll receive a link in your email that takes you to a questionnaire. This is where you’ll describe what you want to see in Iceland, if there’s anything you can’t miss, or any tours you’re interested in.
  • With the answers from the questionnaire, James will craft an itinerary for your camper trip in Iceland. He will then send your personalized map and itinerary directly to your email.

What You’ll Receive

  • A personalized and easy-to-follow Google Map with each day planned according to the activities and sights you most want to see.
  • A PDF document detailing everything you need to know about your custom journey around Iceland.

Ready for your dream trip to Iceland? Get started by browsing what’s available and you’ll be hitting the road in Iceland before you know it.

I will create your Personalized Itinerary

The customized itineraries are created by James Taylor, a travel writer with years of experience exploring every corner of this beautiful country.

He has lived and worked in Iceland and returns several times a year to write articles about travel in the country, including for publications such as National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveler, and World Nomads.

James has created and written all our guides, tips, and itineraries which you can find under useful info.

Read our guide to the customized itinerary 

How Do Extra Tours and Activities Work Alongside my Itinerary?

  • If you’re keen to go on a tour or two, James will add some spare time into the itinerary at the best locations for your chosen activities.
  • Once you have your itinerary and know which dates you’ll be where, you can proceed to make bookings. Head to our Tours in Iceland to see what’s available.