What to Pack on a Campervan Trip in Iceland

What to Pack on a Campervan Trip in Iceland

James Taylor James Taylor
21. Dec 2018 ∼ 7 min. read

Packing for a campervan trip in Iceland requires careful planning to ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. When considering what to bring, it's essential to choose the right campervan rental. Our guide on Iceland campervan rentals offers valuable insights into selecting the perfect vehicle for your adventure. With the right campervan, you'll have the space and convenience to bring all your essentials. From warm clothing to cooking equipment and camping gear, our guide on what to pack for your campervan trip in Iceland ensures you're well-prepared to explore this stunning country. With Iceland campervan rentals and the right gear, you can experience the beauty of Iceland while having all the comforts of home at your fingertips.

Are you wondering what you need to pack for your campervan trip in Iceland? We’ve compiled a list of everything you might need here.


So, you’ve booked a campervan and are starting to plan your trip around Iceland. Thinking about what to pack for an adventure around the country can be stressful, especially when you consider that the weather can change at the drop of a hat. One minute it might be bright, sunny, and still, but the next? A freezing rain and strong gusts of wind that sweep you off your feet.

Obviously, the key is to be prepared for all types of weather. Just because you’re coming in the summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a nice winter jacket. Luckily, we’re here to help – here’s exactly what to pack for a campervan trip around Iceland.

Suitcase vs. Backpack in Iceland

But before we get into our Iceland packing list, you’re probably wondering whether a suitcase or a backpack is more suited to a campervan trip in Iceland. Although most would assume a backpack is easier, that’s not necessarily true for a campervan trip. Suitcases also fit snugly into our campervans, which have been designed to hold any type of bag. And once it’s in there, you won’t need to take it out and lug it anywhere either.

However, if you’re planning on catching a bus to Thórsmörk to go hiking or some other exciting overnight adventure, a backpack is a better choice.

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The Ultimate Iceland Packing List


My friend and I are constantly checking up on each-others layer situation in Iceland. Do you have a thermal base? Are you wearing a t-shirt underneath that long sleeve shirt? Shirt, sweater, jacket?

It’s cold and windy in Iceland most of the time, so layering up is the best way to beat the weather. Too warm? Take a layer off. Too cold? Put another one on.

Generally, unless you’re traveling in the depths of Iceland’s winter, having a thermal base makes things a bit too warm. Especially when you’re jumping in and out of the campervan to go hiking, visit waterfalls, etc. For most trips, a t-shirt followed up by a warm sweater is perfect, topped off with a weatherproof outer shell that can easily be taken off when the sun makes a rare appearance.

For those colder days, it pays to add another layer, something like a flannel shirt or another light sweater. You’d also do well to have a light second layer underneath your jeans our trousers as well, but we cover that further down this Iceland campervan packing list.

A Wind and Waterproof Jacket

Let’s talk about your jacket for a second. This is a life-saving bit of gear, and since it’s what be copping the brunt of the harsh Icelandic weather, it needs to be good. It’s essential on any good packing list for Iceland, and it’s great to have one that is both waterproof and windproof, as that’s likely what you’ll be encountering.

And in case you were wondering, the best Icelandic website to check the weather is the Icelandic Met Office.


If your outer shell is only water resistant, and not waterproof, you might want to also pack a raincoat. Despite the rain in Iceland generally being light and easy, there are days where there can be heavier rainfall. And trust us, having your outer shell soaked through isn’t a very fun experience.

Hiking Pants

You should have at least a couple pairs of pants that you’re comfortable hiking in, getting muddy and wet. A good pair of long johns to wear underneath will be good for those chillier days in the winter as well.

For cozy nights in the campervan, a pair of sweatpants also come in handy, although they’re not a necessity.

A Warm Sweater

Icelanders love a good woolly sweater, and for good reason. You’ll either be wearing this underneath your jacket or wearing it with your jacket off; either way, you’ll be wearing it most days on your camper trip in Iceland.

To treat yourself to a nice Icelandic souvenir, you’ll see plenty of lopapeysa sweaters for sale around the country. These are handmade, local sweaters, crafted from Icelandic wool. To feel like a true Icelander, this is an essential bit of kit.

Hiking Shoes/Boots

Iceland is an adventurous country, and the hiking is sublime. For the most part, a lot of what you’ll be doing is walking around to look at different waterfalls, hiking coastal trails, or tramping through mud, rain and snow. For this, you’ll need a sturdy pair of waterproof boots or walking shoes.

That goes double for more serious hikes, like the Fimmvörðurháls Pass leading into Thórsmörk, or the entire Laugavegur Trail. Once you’re back in Reykjavik, sneakers are of course completely fine.

Shirts, Socks and Underwear

Next up on this Icelandic packing list are your base layers. These will get dirtiest that fastest, so it goes without saying that you should have more of these than anything else. A thick pair of woolen socks will come in handy during your road trip as well.

Hat and Gloves

Iceland is a cold and windy place. A hat and pair of gloves are essential in the winter, and very comfortable to have as a backup during summer.

Swimmers and a Towel

Iceland is home to a large amount of natural hot springs, a classy geothermal spa, and local heated swimming pools. Swimming here is serious business, so bank on the fact that you’ll likely be taking a dip at some point on your trip. Remember your bathers and a towel so you don’t have to buy them when you arrive.

A Reusable Water Bottle

Rounding out this Icelandic packing list is a reusable water bottle. There’s no reason to go about buying water in Iceland since the water here is some of the cleanest in the world. You can fill up at any tap – just run it on cold for a while to get it nice and chilly. If you’re a wild adventurer who knows their water sources, you can even fill up your bottle from rivers around the country. Plus, it’s better for the environment, one of the main reasons why we all love Iceland.

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No camping road trip would be complete without music. The entire Go Campers fleet of campervans comes equipped with Bluetooth and/or aux input, so make sure to load up your phone or iPod with some good tunes.

And there we have it, the ultimate Icelandic campervan packing list. Stick to this and you’ll be well equipped to handle anything the weather can throw at you. And if you haven’t reserved a campervan yet, click here to see what’s available for your dates.

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