How to Choose the Right Campervan in Iceland

How to Choose the Right Campervan in Iceland

James Taylor James Taylor
18. May 2021 ∼ 10 min. read

Selecting the perfect campervan is a crucial step in ensuring a memorable Icelandic adventure. From considering the size of the vehicle to the amenities offered, our comprehensive guide covers all aspects of choosing the ideal campervan for your journey. With our reliable and well-maintained Iceland camper van rentals, you not only gain the freedom to explore the country at your own pace but also enjoy the convenience of a mobile home. Dive into the details of our guide to understand how Iceland camper van rentals can enhance your travel experience, providing both comfort and flexibility as you navigate through the stunning landscapes of this Nordic wonder.

A campervan trip in Iceland is without a doubt one of the best ways to explore the country. Iceland is a country readymade for road trips and being able to sleep in the back of your vehicle in the middle of nature is a great way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this volcanic island.

But how do you know which is the right campervan for you? Each of our campervans are designed for comfortable Icelandic road trips, but when it comes to deciding which is best for your trip, there are several things to consider.

In this article, we’re going to go over a few of the considerations you should make before choosing a campervan, and then go into the different aspects of the campervans that make up our fleet.

Your Travel Budget in Iceland

The first thing to consider when choosing a campervan in Iceland is your budget. In general, campervan travel is far more affordable than renting a car and staying in hotels, but you still need to take into consideration how much a campervan and fuel will cost.

It’s no secret that Iceland is an expensive country – so if you’re a group of two travelling on a budget, you probably don’t want to fork out for one of our Go Big Campers fit for up to 5 people.

However, with a bigger budget, there’s obviously a lot more options for campervans that you can rent.

For an idea of the different costs, check out what’s available for your travel dates here. Of course, the daily rate increases as the campervans get bigger.

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How Many People Are You Travelling With?

The next thing to consider is how many people you’re travelling with, and how close you. If you’re a group of 5, it’s possible to all sleep in one of our Go BIG 5-Pax campervans. However, for those who like more space on a vacation, spreading out your group over 2 or more campervans is a good idea.

It goes without saying that there’s no chance of squeezing an extra person into any of our campers. Whether or not you think you can squeeze 3 people in the back of our Go SMART 2-Pax, there are only 2 seatbelts and travelling with three people in the car is against the law.

What Time of Year Is It?

Another big part of choosing the right Icelandic camper is looking at the different conditions during each part of the year. If it’s the summer, then anything goes. The temperatures are at their warmest and you won’t need a heater while you’re sleeping. During this time, our Go Smart Camper 2-Pax is at its most popular.

On either side of the summer, you might need to rent a campervan with a heater; in the winter, you will definitely need one. Also, in the winter you might want a like to rent a bigger campervan to have more room to hang up your wet clothes to dry. These are all things to consider when choosing a campervan for an off-season road trip around Iceland.

For those not familiar with driving in strong winds, snow, and storms, one of our sturdy 4x4 might be the best option. If you have any questions or concerns about travelling in Iceland during winter, check out our section on winter camping.  

For more information about the different seasons, check out our article about when to travel to Iceland and rent a campervan. In it you’ll find a breakdown of what you can generally expect during each period of the year.

Your Iceland Itinerary

Another consideration when choosing a campervan in Iceland is your itinerary. What are the places you want to visit? Are they accessible with a regular 2WD campervan, or will you need to opt for one of our 4x4 Campervan models?

For example, if you have a bucket list of places to visit that are all in the Icelandic Highlands, you’re going to need a 4X4 campervan. A 4X4 also comes in handy for those who aren’t used to driving in the dynamic Icelandic weather conditions, or who like to get off the beaten track a bit on the rough roads without worrying about damaging the undercarriage of the camper.

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For those travellers who haven’t decided where to go and what to see, we’ve got you covered. Spend some time browsing our regional guides to Iceland, check out some of our sample campervan itineraries, and read up on different destinations and activities around the country.

The Go Campers Campervan Models

Now that you’ve started to get an idea of what kind of campervan you need for your Icelandic trip, we’re going to take a more in-depth look at our fleet to help you make the final decision.

Go Smart Camper 2-Pax

The Go SMART Camper 2-Pax is our most affordable campervan option. With the bare basics, this is the perfect choice for 2 people to explore Iceland.

With two seats in the front, the entire cab in the back has been converted into the sleeping space. A mattress offers a comfortable sleeping spot, while a large shelving system helps you organize your food, cook, and store supplies.

Please note that this is our only campervan model that doesn’t come with a heater you can use overnight. Sleeping bags are essential, even in the summer.

Go Smart Automatic Camper 2-Pax

We know not everyone can drive a manual vehicle. For those who need an automatic but are still looking for a more affordable model, this is the one for you.

The Go Smart Automatic are essentially the same as the Go Smart above. However, the campers are a different model of vehicle, meaning that the layout in the back is a bit different. The bed is elevated, with shelving units and luggage storage underneath. There’s also a fold-down table attached to the wall of the campervan inside.

The price of an automatic campervan is just slightly higher than the manual Go SMART 2-Pax.

Go ICELAND Camper 2-pax

The "Go ICELAND Camper 2-person" closely mirrors the design of the Go SMART campervan and features a manual transmission. Its foldable bed can comfortably sleep 2 adults. With its integrated heating system, this campervan ensures warmth during the cold winter nights. Additionally, a mini-fridge is available for your food storage, and there's ample space beneath the bed for other belongings.

It's worth noting that the Go ICELAND is not suitable for Iceland's F-roads.

Go Lite Camper 3-Pax

The next model up is our Go LITE 3-Pax Campervan. These are vans, so a good choice for those looking to live the dreamy van life in Iceland, and for those who like a little more room to eat, chill out, and relax in your campervan.

Our Go LITE campervans can sleep up to three adults. It’s also a popular choice for young families who are travelling with one of their children. The

Go Lite Automatic Camper 3-Pax

This is the same as our Go Lite Camper 3-Pax, except with an automatic transmission. Like other automatic models, it’s costs just a little bit more than its manual counterpart.

Go Big Camper 5-Pax

The next model up is our Go BIG Camper 5-Pax. This is our largest vehicle, perfect for larger groups of friends and families.

In the back of this vehicle, there’s plenty of space to spread out and relax. On the bottom level is a sofa surrounding a table, with room enough for everybody to sit and enjoy food. When it’s time to sleep, the table quickly packs down into a bed that can sleep three across.

A permanent bed is also above this table area, a comfortable spot for two more adults. If you’re travelling with kids, many of them will love sleeping up here above their parents.

Go Big Automatic Camper 5-Pax

Again, if you’re travelling in a larger group of friends or with family, and prefer to drive an automatic vehicle, this will be the best choice for you. Otherwise, you can also split your group over several smaller automatic vehicles, a popular option for those who like their own space.

Go 4x4 TOP Camper 2-pers

Introduced to our fleet in 2022, the "Go 4x4 TOP 2-person" campervan is a Dacia Duster 4x4 equipped with a rooftop tent.

This model offers the opportunity to access the country's most remote locations while fully immersing in nature, sleeping in the vehicle's tent. It's designed to comfortably accommodate 2 adults.

4X4 Camper 2-Pax

Our 4X4 campervan 2-Pax has long been the popular option for more adventurous travellers. You’ll need a 4X4 if you’re planning on visiting the highlands, and it always comes in handy for the rough weather as well.

All our 4x4 Campers 2-Pax are full-sized Mitsubishi Pajero, a model proven to handle the rough Icelandic roads and conditions.

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Go 4X4 Camper 4-Pax

Our newest model of campervan is the 4X4 camper 4-Pax. This model features a large ISUZU pickup truck with a separate campervan attached on the tray bed.

Inside the camper section, there’s a permanent bed at the back and a table section that folds down into another bed, comfortably seating 4 people. The cab can seat 4 people.

This is the perfect choice for those larger groups of friends or families who are looking to experience the beauty of Iceland’s Highlands.

Ready to book? Check the availability of the campers today. For any more questions about our campervans, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Go 4x4 LUX Camper 3-pax

One of the newest additions to our campervan lineup is the "Go LUX Camper 3-pax." This 4x4 Volkswagen Crafter is adept at navigating most of Iceland's F-roads in the highlands.

The vehicle seats three in the front cabin. Inside the living area, you'll discover a well-appointed kitchenette complete with a fridge, stove, and faucet. For sleeping, there's a double bed situated at the rear, and the table easily converts into a single bed. The campervan comes with a heating system to ensure warmth during your winter adventures in Iceland.

It's the ideal choice for families with a child or small groups of friends, providing access to many of Iceland's hidden gems.

Go WRANGLER Camper 4-pax

In conclusion, the "Go WRANGLER Camper 4-pax" is among the latest models to join our 4x4 range. This JEEP Rubicon is tailored for navigating the country's most challenging terrains and can welcome 4 people in its rooftent. 

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