Frequently Asked Questions


Directions and shuttle service

Do you have suggestions how to reach your location from the airport?

We suggest that you take the Flybus and ask the driver to stop at Nordurey Hotel Reykjavik Road as it is the closest stop to our office. From there it is about 5-10 minute walk to our office. Helluhraun 4, is our address here in Hafnarfjörður Iceland. See a map here below. 

Another option is to book an airport pickup service that we offer. Then we will monitor your flight and meet and greet you in the arrival hall around 30 minutes after your plane lands. As long as it's landing time is within our opening hours. The price for this service is charged per booking and will be presented in the booking process. 


Can you give me directions from down town Reykjavík to your office in Hafnarfjörður?

It's fairly easy to reach us by bus. Use this website fill in your address and ours (Helluhraun 4, 220 Hafnarfjörður). Bus #1 from downtown Reykjavík will take you close to our office. Here is a map with the walking path from the bus stop to our office. 

How can we reach the airport from your location after dropping off the camper?

If you are returning on opening hours we recommend the Flybus that stops at the Viking Hotel close to  our office. We can give you a lift to the bus stop and even sell you tickets for the bus if you like. You don't need to prebook the flybus from the Viking Hotel as this is one of the main stops for the bus. 

If you are returning the camper outside opening hours. Then we recommend prebooking the flybus or calling a taxi. 

You need to prebook the flybus through from Nordurey Hotel Reykjavik Road.  Drop off the camper at Go Campers office and walk to the Hotel. See map of the walk here below. 


Taxi service: A-Stöðin Go Campers customers get a special deal with this taxi company.

Their number is +354 520-1212 Say that you are a Go Campers customer and you will get the following price. Our office - Airport 1-4 people 12.000ISK / 5-8 People 15.000ISK

For groups, it’s often cheaper to take a taxi then the flybus. You need to prebook the taxi the day before if you want a scheduled pickup before 8:00 am.


Age and driving license

The lessee/driver must be at least 20 years old and have held a drivers license for at least one year.

A European, Canadian or American driver's license is enough and international driver's licenses are not necessary.

If your license is not European or North-American your license must have:

  • A license number
  • The license holder's photograph
  • A valid date
  • Is written/printed in Latin characters
  • If your license doesn't fill these requirements, obtain an international driver's license

When are you open?

Our office opening hours are from 8:30am to 17:00pm. We only deliver campers within our opening hours, but you can return the camper outside opening hours. You will have to leave the keys according to our directions if you return out of hours.

Our office is open from 8:30am to 18:00pm in the summer time (June-August).
From 1st of September we are open 8:30am - 17:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am - 16:00pm on weekends.

Where are you located?

We are located in Hafnarfjörður a suburb of Reykjavík (the capital). 

Address: Helluhraun 4, 220 Hafnarfjörður. It's on the way from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavík. 

You can come to our office or you can get picked up from the airport (additional charge applies). We also offer free shuttle service from BSI bus terminal in Reykjavík. 

We only deliver our camper from our main office. 

Can I drop the camper off out of hours?

Yes you can (opening hours 8:30am - 17:00pm). Just park the camper in front of our office, lock it and put the key's trough the hatch on our office door.

If you need to get to the airport you can prebook the flybus from Nordurey Hotel Reykjavik Road, this is close to our office. Through this website > go to flybus+ and select time, date, pickup place.

A second option is taking a taxi, here is the number: +354 5885522, ask for the price.

If you need to get back to Reykjavik you can take bus to taxi. Here you can find out the bus schedule.


Do you offer emergency road side assistance?

Yes. We offer 24/7 emergency assistance if your camper van brakes down. Just call us and we will arrange assistance from one of our many capable service providers that we have all around Iceland

 In case of a serious emergency or car accident please call the national emergency number 112.

Is there any kilometer limit on your campers?

No there is no limit on the kilometers you can drive per day but we recommend that you don't plan your trip with more than average of 300 km per day at the maximum. Our experience is that we get the most relaxed and satisfied customers back that have driven around 200 km per day on average.

What is your fuel policy?

We deliver our campers full of fuel and we would like to have it returned full. If there is missing fuel we charge the cost of the missing fuel + 25 EUR service fee

During winter are all your campers equipped with winter tires?

Yes all our campers are equipped with winter tires from October to April.


Are any of your campers allowed on F-roads?

Yes, the GO 4x4 Camper 2-Pax and GO 4x4 Camper 4-Pax are suitable for F-roads. Other 2x4 campers are not allowed on F-roads and the road 35 (Kjölur) and 550 (Kaldidalur) are also off limit to the 2x4 campers.

Are there any F-roads that you do not suggest driving on with your 4x4 campers?

Yes, the road F88 to or from Askja. We suggest that you take 910 instead. Also the 249 to Thorsmork we do not suggest taking as the rivers there are to difficult to cross. 

Do you offer Automatic campers?

Yes, we have plenty of campers with Automatic transmission available.

Here is a list of all our campers with Automatic transmission.

Go SMART Automatic Camper 2-pax

Go LITE Automatic Camper 3-pax

Go BIG Automatic Camper 5-pax

Go 4x4 Camper 2-pax

Go 4x4 Camper 4-pax



Do you have other questions about our campervans in Iceland?

Don't hesitate to drop us a line at Contact Go Campers Iceland or you can call us +(354) 517 7900

Cost, Payment and Bookings

Can I start my booking by paying a confirmation fee ?

We can arrange for you to pay a 15% or 30% Confirmation Fee to secure your booking.

To book this way, please go through the booking process as normal, but stop when you are asked for payment information.

Once completed, please email us at and we will create a payment link based off of the information you have entered, which will be emailed to you.

Once payment is complete, you will receive your booking confirmation.

How do I pay?

We accept payments by credit card or wire transfer.
We charge full amount after you make your reservations online and it is fully refundable up to 48 hours before the delivery time of your Go Camper. 

Please contact us if you would like to pay a confirmation payment and the remainder at pickup time of your camper.

What is the cancellation policy of Go Campers?

If you cancel your booking with more than 48 hours of notice before the rental starts we will refund the booking in full.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours of notice before the rental starts are non-refundable. Shortening of the rental during the rental period will not result in a refund. 


What is included in your camper rental rates?

We don't want to surprise our customers with hidden charges so our prices include:

CDW insurance with self risk, VAT, additional driver, unlimited milage.

And all our campervans include at the minimum: Small stove, pots and pan and all the dinnerware to prepare simple meals. Mattress, pillows and basic fleece blankets (in general sleeping bags are also needed). Linen or sleeping bags are not included (exception: Go SMART 2-pax, manual) but check our selection of equipment that you can rent during the booking process.

Please read our terms and conditions for more information regarding the insurance.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card through your website?

Yes! The payments are processed by Valitor the largest and respected credit card payment process company here in Iceland. They are verified as PCI DSS compliant for all their credit card activities. Read more about their security standards here

Should I have received a confirmation email? I made a booking but I have no booking number.

Yes if you have completed the booking process you should receive a confirmation email with your booking number no later than 24 hours after booking a camper. 

If you do not receive a confirmation email, then please contact us at

Is the 30EUR price for the Keflavik airport shuttle per person ?

No, the 30 Euro charge is per booking, not per person.

Service fee and fines

Go Campers service fee is 10 EUR in addition to the cost of fines, parking tickets and tolls.

A 25 EUR fee is charged for returning the camper without a full tank in addition to the fuel cost.

A 300 EUR fee is for smoking in the camper.

A 1000 EUR fine is for driving on F-Roads with non-4WD campers. The self-risk of your insurance will not apply. 

All off-road driving is illegal and will be a subject of high fines from the authorities in Iceland.  

Travelling in Iceland

Where can we park/camp for the night?

We strongly recommend to use the campsites here in Iceland. They are plentiful, and normally relaxed with good facilities. You don’t have to make reservation and can just show up and fairly late too. 

Here is a map with all campesites in Iceland and all year campsites.

If you don’t have access to campsites you must seek permission to camp for the night from the owner of the land you plan on staying on as it is not legal to camp wild. In a national park you must use the campsite. Off road driving is illegal in Iceland and please do not litter or leave anything behind. 

How many days do I need to complete the ring road?

We advise people not to try to complete the ring road with less than 7 days on the road. 10 days are what we feel are optimal and we get the best feedback from the customers that have used 10 days for making the whole way around the Iceland in a camper. If you have less then a week we reccommend the south coast and the golden circle. Snæfellsnes peninsula and Reykjanes peninsula are nice areas as well with plenty of options for exploring and within comfortable driving distance.

Check out our Campervan Itienerary for 7 days around the Ring Road

Where can I get some information regarding what special hazards I might expect while driving in Iceland?

We recommend that each customer gets familiar with the website. There is a lot of good information there regarding driving in the highland of Iceland and driving in Iceland in general. Another good webpage that we recommend is and here you can reach a video of how to drive safely in Iceland. The Iceland academy videos are also a great sorce of info.
We also strongly recommend that you check the weather forecast and road conditions each day as both can change frequently and where you were planning to go might not be possible at the time. Please note that driving a Camper in windspeed of more than 15 meters per second is not recommended.

How much does the fuel cost in Iceland?

Here you can access the current fuel prices in Iceland.

Here is a map with gas stations


What kind of insurance do you offer?

Included in our prices is a CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance with 2.500 EUR self risk. In addition we offer three optional insurances: Gravel protection (GP) insures the windshields, headlights and the paint of the car for damages caused by gravel that hit your rental car from passing vehicles.

Super CDW insurance lowers the self risk of the standard CDW insurance.

Sand and ash protection covers damages to paint, glass, headliths, chrome and plastics of the rental campers caused by sand, ash, pumice or other earth materials that can be blown to the camper.

Click here to see our wide selection of insurances

Prices and amounts of self risk are noted in the booking process. For further details read the insurance chapter in our terms and conditions.

Can I decide what insurances and extra equipment I hire at pickup?

Yes you can. You can add insurance and extra equipment during the pickup process.

We are here to help

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