Campsites in Iceland with Hot Springs & Swimming Pools

Campsites in Iceland with Hot Springs & Swimming Pools

James Taylor James Taylor
10. Feb 2024 ∼ 15 min. read

Campsites with Hot Springs in Iceland 

Iceland, filled with jaw-dropping landscapes and geothermal energy, is a haven for hot spring enthusiasts. There's nothing quite like immersing yourself in the warm, soothing waters after a day of adventures in your campervan.  

If you’re planning a campervan trip in Iceland and want to combine the joys of camping with the relaxation of hot springs, you're in luck! In this article, we’ve rounded up the best campsites in Iceland that offer either a natural hot spring, a hot tub, or a geothermal swimming pool, letting you kick back in the hot water, enjoy the natural surroundings, and plot your next move on your Iceland road trip.   

1. Landmannalaugar Campsite: Natural Pools in the Icelandic Highlands  

The hint is in the name here – Landmannalaugar translates to ‘The People’s Pools’ in English. Nestled in the Icelandic Highlands, the campsite at Landmannalaugar does indeed enjoy a prime position right next to a large hot spring river and pool, a great place to soak after a day enjoying the hiking trails in the area.  

However, getting to Landmannalaugar does require a 4x4 campervan, since you need to travel on some F-Roads and ford a river to get to the campsite. But the destination is worth the trouble – Landmannalaugar is known for its vibrant rhyolite mountains, geothermal valleys, and lava fields, and is one of the most incredible spots in the country to immerse yourself in some fantastical nature.  

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2. Sæberg Campsite: A Hot Pot Overlooking a Fjord in Northwest Iceland 

Located in Northwest Iceland, Sæberg Campsite is located on a farm at the edge of Hrútafjörður, a long fjord that separates North Iceland from the nearby Westfjords. The campsite enjoys fantastic views over the water, particularly at sunset, and there’s a chance to see seals and whales swimming in the clear waters of the fjord.  

It’s already a nice spot to camp, and it’s made even better by the fact that they’ve installed two hot tubs on the shores of the fjord. It’s the perfect excuse to have a quick dinner and retreat to the warm water, an enjoyable experience whether it’s raining, snowing, windy, or a rare day of stillness with a perfect sunset. Aside from the hot tubs, the campsite provides a large common area for guests, although cooking facilities can get overwhelmed at busy times. Also nearby is the local museum, showcasing the local culture, history, and women’s heritage. It displays a shark fishing boat that is more than 200 years old – the only one of its kind in Iceland.   

3. Djupidalur Campsite: A Remote Outpost in the Westfjords 

For those campervan travelers who are venturing into the Westfjords of Iceland, you’ll want to add this campsite onto your list of potential places to stay. Djupidalur Campsite is located near the southern end of the Westfjords, soon after you’ve entered the region proper along Route 60. It’s the perfect place to aim for if you’re driving into the Westfjords in one day from Reykjavik – and the good news is that there’s a hot tub and a swimming pool waiting for you after the long drive. 

This campsite is new, so the facilities are up-to-date and fantastic. There’s a large heated common room featuring comfortable sofas, tables and chairs, board games, and a full kitchen (complete with a fridge and even an oven). It’s a slice of luxury in a remote area, with gorgeous panoramas of the surrounding mountains, streams flowing down toward the coast. And the best part is that because it’s in the Westfjords, you’ll rarely find this place as crowded as other more popular destinations in Iceland.  

4. Hveravik Campsite: A Swimming Pool on the Strandir Coast  

We’ll stick to the Westfjords for this next campsite, although you’ll find Hveravik Campsite located on the Strandir Coast. This stretch of the Westfjords is on the region’s east coast, a little-visited place where the road ends before reaching the vast stretch of wilderness that is the Hornstrandir Reserve. It’s a place of remote beauty, and full of old folk tales involving a lot of witches and fierce outlaws.  

You’ll find Hveravik on the opposite side of the fjord to Hólmavík, the largest town in the area and one of the entry point into the Westfjords. The campsite itself is fantastic, with a large communal area with kitchen, comfortable sofas, and more. Then, outside on the deck (which makes you feel as if you’re staying at an Icelandic Summer House), a long, hot swimming pool to enjoy. Although it’s a bit out of the way unless you’re really set on exploring the Strandir Coast (which continues up through the small town of Drangsnes and further), it’s absolutely one of the best campsites in the country due to its clean, modern facilities.  

5. Drangsnes Campsite: The Coastal Hot Pots in the Westfjords 

Just 10 minutes further along the road from Hveravik is another campsite with easy access to some hot pots. Drangsnes is a small village clinging to the Strandir Coast, but on that coast, you’ll find three hot tubs right on the water. The campsite in town is decent, with indoor kitchen facilities, a laundry, and an extra fee to access showers. But in town is where you want to get your hot water fix.  

The hot tubs on the shores of Drangsnes offer incredible views over the water, looking toward the Vatnsnes and Skagaströnd peninsulas. And just offshore you can see Grimsey Island (not the Grimsey that straddles the Arctic Circle), a nature reserve that is filled with puffins and wildflowers in the summer months. Boat tours go out to the island, which you can book in town.  

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6. Bakkaflöt Campsite: Adventure, River Rafting, and Hot Springs in North Iceland 

We’ll come back to the Westfjords soon, but for this campsite we head to the heart of North Iceland. Nestled in the valley that flows down from Skagafjörður is where you’ll find Bakkaflöt Campsite, just to the south of the town Varmahlíð. It’s a fantastic campsite, with both hot tubs and a swimming pool to enjoy.  

The campsite is also the home base for river rafting tours, which tackle the glacial rivers that feed off the glaciers in the Highlands. It’s a thrilling experience, with Grade 4 rapids throwing you around a canyon that has been carved out over thousands of years after volcanic eruptions caused cause glacial floods. As such, this is a campsite that’s perfect if you’re after not only some hot springs to soak in after a long drive, but if you want to experience the power of Iceland’s glacial rivers.  

Also nearby to this campsite is a more natural hot spring called Fosslaug, a pool that’s on the banks of the river next to the waterfall Reykjafoss.  

7. Hauganes Campsite: Hot Tubs on the Tröllaskagi Peninsula  

Located along the scenic coast of the Tröllaskagi Peninsula in North Iceland, Hauganes Campsite offers a tranquil retreat with access to its hot tubs on the shores of the fjord. Surrounded by stunning fjord scenery and picturesque landscapes, this campsite provides a perfect blend of coastal beauty and warmth.  

There are three hot tubs to choose from, and then a larger pool that the owners have made from the hull of an old ship – very unique. There’s also easy access to the black sand beach below, so if you’re feeling brave (or if the sun is out), you can also enjoy a cheeky dip in the frigid waters of the fjord before diving back into the hot tubs. Although it should be noted that you do have to pay extra for using the hot tubs at this campsite.  

Also nearby is the Baccalá Bar, offering food and drink for those campervan travelers looking for a night off cooking your own meals.   

8. Heiðarbær Campsite: A Campsite with Swimming Pool near Húsavík 

If you’re thinking about joining a whale watching trip from Húsavík in North Iceland, skip the campsite in town and instead stay at the nearby Heiðarbær Campsite. This campsite enjoys a large field with plenty of space to park, with strategically planted trees and shrubs to shelter your camper from the wind. The family-run campsite also acts as a local restaurant and swimming pool, where you can pay a bit extra and enjoy a swim.  

The owners of the campsite also operate a geothermal greenhouse across the road, where they grow things like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and more. This produce can be found on the dishes inside the popular restaurant as well, a tempting option for your dinner. And finally, it’s only a 20-minute drive to Húsavík, where you can jump on a whale watching tour the next morning.  

9. Grettislaug Campsite: A Historical Hot Spring with Campsite in North Iceland 

Located in the rugged landscapes of the Skagaströnd Peninsula in North Iceland, Grettislaug Campsite is attached to the historical hot spring called Grettislaug. Camping here grants you access to the warm waters of the pool, with magnificent views over the fjord toward Drangey Island.  

Legend has it that the Viking warrior and outlaw Grettir swam across the ocean from Drangey, and once he arrived on the coast, bathed in the hot springs to recover his strength. Stay at this campsite for the same therapeutic experience – although you won’t have to swim the 13km from the island to shore.  

10. Heydalur Campsite: Farmhouse Bliss in the Westfjords 

Back again to the Westfjords now, where Heydalur Campsite offers one of the best places to stay along the northern stretch of coast in the region. It’s a true oasis for nature lovers, nestled between a long valley, mountains, and the fjord, with no other settlements for miles around. This remote atmosphere lets you experience the awesome nature of the Westfjords on a grand scale. Aside from the lovely owners who are warm and welcoming, the best part about this campsite are the hot springs you can enjoy.  

There are a couple of hot springs on the farm. The first is outside, a couple of pools built out of rocks with views over the nearby mountains (keep your eyes peeled for an Arctic Fox). Then, there’s also an indoor swimming pool inside a greenhouse-type building, where ivy grows on the walls, and the atmosphere is that of a lush forest.  

As a bonus, on the other side of the fjord a short drive away is yet another hot spring, this one called Hörgshlíðarlaug.  

11. Reykjanes Campsite: One of the Largest Pools in Iceland 

Situated just a short way from Heydalur is another option for camping with access to a pool. On the tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula (not to be confused with the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland) sits the Hotel Reykjanes, an old boarding school that is now a popular spot for Icelandic families – and a few lucky tourists in the know – to spend some time.  

Of course, with a campervan you won’t need to book a room, but instead will stay at the campsite, which grants you full access to all the facilities. This includes the large swimming pool, a historic place where locals used to learn to swim. It’s one of the largest in the country, fed from a nearby hot spring. You can check out the source of the hot water at the beach on the northern tip of the peninsula, just a short stroll from the campsite. And of course, there’s a chance to see whales and seals swimming in the fjord if you’re lucky.  

12. Kerlingarfjöll Campsite: A New Luxurious Highlands Outpost & Hot Spring  

In the awe-inspiring Icelandic Highlands, Kerlingarfjöll Campsite is a tempting spot to spend a night. Nearby, there are the awesome hiking trails through Hveradalir, the famous group of mountains etched with geothermal valleys, snow on the peaks even in the height of summer. Hiking here is stunning, and the views will stay with you long after you’ve returned home.  

The campsite at Kerlingarfjöll is situated a little way back down the road, at The Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll. Newly constructed in 2023, campers will also be able to pay for entrance at the Highlands Base Baths (opening summer in 2024), a new luxurious hot spring. For something la bit more rugged, you could also hike from the campsite to another nearby hot spring, which will take about an hour. Either way, this campsite present a good opportunity to soak up the untouched wilderness of Iceland’s Highlands. 

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13. Hveravellir Campsite: The Geothermal Oasis in the Highlands 

Just an hour away from Kerlingarfjöll is Hveravellir, a small oasis in the middle of the Kjölur Route, or F35. This is truly a place in the middle of nowhere – there’s a long drive in either direction to get to any hint of civilization. But who needs civilization when this remote outpost has access to such a lovely hot spring to enjoy.  

Right next to the campsite is a geothermal area, where you can walk around some steaming pools and bubbling pots of colorful water. The owners have used this energy and diverted some hot water into their own natural hot spring, which serves as a wonderful way to wind down after the long and bumpy drive along F35, or after a day of hiking in Kerlingarfjöll. On all sides, the raw beauty of this part of the Highlands unfolds; a desolate moonscape, with distant glaciers and mountains looming on the horizon.   

14. Laugafell Mountain Campsite: Remote Camping Near Hofsjökull Glacier  

The remote beauty of Laugafell Mountain Campsite in the Highlands is a place that not many campers travel to. A green spot in the desolate area between the ice caps of Hofsjökull and Vatnajökull, it’s roughly 25km west of the famous Sprengisandur Route. Surrounded by such grand nature, it’s a humbling spot to camp the night. You can also enjoy a soak in the hot spring.  

Gushing out of the north-west side of the hill Laugafell, the hot springs have been diverted into a lovely natural hot tub next to the mountain hut here. It’s a peaceful place to be, although facilities are simple. Inside the mountain hut you’ll find a small kitchen, while a separate building has WC facilities and a changing room for the hot tub.  

15. Laugarfell Campsite: Camping and Hot Water in the Eastern Highlands 

Not to be confused with Laugafell (in North Iceland), Laugarfell is found in East Iceland, a little guesthouse in a remote area, nearing the Eastern Highlands. Camping at the guesthouse is possible, which you’ll find along Route 910 as it winds its way from Lagarfljót toward the Kárahnjúkar Dam and the more challenging F-Roads that lead to Askja.  

If you do decide to camp here, you’ll also be granted access to the hot spring. If you’re passing by, you can choose to pay entrance and enjoy a soak before continuing on.  

16. Laugar Campsite: A Historic Hot Spring from the Saga Age 

Laugar campsite is a nice campsite located north of the town of Búðardalur, a place you would only stay at if you’re traveling to or from the Westfjords. Although facilities here are basic (no showers, just toilets), there is one great thing that might draw you here: the historic hot spring Guðrúnarlaug. 

The hot spring is related to the Icelandic sagas, especially the Laxdæla Saga. The pool was named after Guðrún Ósvífursdóttir, a heroine of the saga, who lived near the pool and bathed in it regularly. The pool retains a historic atmosphere, complete with a small changing room that’s inside an old shed with a turf roof.  

17. Flókalundur Campsite – Camping with a Hot Spring in the Westfjords 

The final campsite on this list is the one at Flókalundur, a scenic and peaceful camping spot in the Westfjords of Iceland, located in Vatnsfjörður, about 6 kilometers from Brjánslækur where the ferry Baldur arrives from Stykkishólmur. Campers stay here for the stunning views over the sea and nearby mountains, and it makes a good stop if you’re catching the ferry.  

 Another attraction of Flókalundur Campsite is its closeness to the Hellulaug Hot Spring, which is only a few minutes away on foot. Hellulaug is a natural geothermal pool by the seaside, with a constant temperature of around 38°C / 100 F. The pool is hidden behind a small hill, and enjoys great views over the peaceful waters of the fjord. Entrance is free, and there are no changing facilities.  

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