Campervan-Versicherungen in Island

Sehen Sie hier unsere verschiedenen Versicherungen für eine sorglose Reise.

Sie können während des Buchungsvorgangs oder bei der Abholung Ihres Campers in unserem Büro aus diesen Versicherungen auswählen.

Lesen Sie hier die AGBs

CDW €0 / Tag

CDW Insurance covers accidental damage to the camper.

Self-risk without CDW: Unlimited €
Self-risk with CDW: 3.500€

Gold CDW €25 / Tag

GCDW Insurance covers accidental damage to the camper.

Self-risk: without GCDW: 3.500€
Self-risk: with GCDW: 500€

Gravel Protection €10 / Tag

Gravel Protection (GP) covers damages to the windscreen and the body of your car caused by gravel thrown onto the car.

Self-risk without GP: Unlimited €
Self-risk with GP: 0€

Sand and Ash Protection €15 / Tag

Sand and ash protection covers damages caused by ash or sandstorm.

Self-risk without SAAP: Unlimited €
Self-risk with SAAP: 500€

Super CDW €20 / Tag

SCDW Insurance covers accidental damage to the camper.

Self-risk without SCDW: 3.500€
Self-risk with SCDW: 1.000€

Theft Protection €5 / Tag

If the camper van gets stolen, you won't be charged a deductible with this insurance. However, it's important to note that this insurance does not cover instances where someone breaks into your camper and steals your belongings.

Self-risk without TP: 3.500€

Self-risk with TP: 0€

Tire Insurance €10 / Tag

You are not accountable for the expense of replacing a tire if you damage.
Self-risk without TI: Cost of a new tire plus service (≈300€)
Self-risk with TI: 0€

Zero excess €35 / Tag

Lower your deductible/liability to zero with zero excess insurance.

Self-risk: without ZCDW: 3.500€
Self-risk: with ZCDW: 0€