Tips for your campervan travels in Iceland

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Northern Lights Guide

The Northern lights are a main point of attraction in Iceland in winter time. This natural phenomena should be seen at least once in your lifetime. It is something truly beautiful which will amaze you while you are here!   We get many questi...

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The Best Time to Travel to Iceland and rent a campervan

Many people might be wondering when the best time to travel to Iceland is. Weather plays a big part in Icelander‘s lives, and over a lifetime the population here has learnt to live with the extreme weather conditions that the small island experienc...

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Renting a Go Camper in the Winter: The Essentials

With the onset of the dark winter months in Iceland, the country undergoes a remarkable transformation. The weather worsens as the days get shorter, and many think that a lot of the country is inaccessible. But with the proper precautions it‘s stil...

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Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland has a lot of beautiful waterfalls, here we have listed a few of our favorites. Most of them are close to the main roads and accessible. Some you can only access with shorter and longer hikes.

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