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A Winter Ring Road Itinerary for Campervans in Iceland

This article will outline an ideal itinerary for travelling the ring road in a campervan during the winter. We’ve also listed the best winter campsites in Iceland for you to stay at with your campervan. Take this itinerary with a grain of salt, adapt...

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The 5 Strangest Foods to Eat in Iceland

Iceland’s isolation from the rest of Europe and harsh living conditions in the past have led to some interesting food choices that helped the first settlers survive. And while Icelandic cuisine is now all about creative flair and classy dishes, you c...

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North Iceland: The Ultimate Guide

Sparsely populated farm country, fog-laden fishing villages clinging to coastline, snow-capped peaks towering above icy blue fjords, and landscapes formed by violent and powerful volcanic activity. Welcome to the north of Iceland.

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The 5 Best Public Holidays in Iceland

Iceland is a country that loves a good holiday, and across the year there are plenty of public holidays in the calendar that give Icelanders a chance to take a long weekend camping or visiting their families in other towns.

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6 of Iceland’s Strangest Museums

Travelling across Iceland, you’ll find that in almost every town there will be a museum, detailing everything from its Viking history and settlement to the immense power of the glaciers and active volcanoes.

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The Campers’ Travel Guide to Iceland’s East Fjords

Untouched and wild, it’s all about slow travel and good weather in Iceland’s most underrated region: The East Fjords. Most travelers will pass this by on their ring road camper trips. If you’re looking to leave the crowds behind and discover your own...

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The Best Time to Travel to Iceland and rent a campervan

Many people might be wondering when the best time to travel to Iceland is. Weather plays a big part in Icelander‘s lives, and over a lifetime the population here has learnt to live with the extreme weather conditions that the small island experienc...

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Should I Rent a 4x4 Camper in Iceland?

Iceland is a country of rugged and powerful terrain, with an almost unlimited potential for adventure. But you might be wondering whether to step it up a notch and rent yourself a 4x4 camper?

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The Go Campers Guide to the Westfjords

The Westfjords of Iceland is where the extremes of the country all collide. Soaring table-topped mountains emerge from silent fjords, where only a handful of towns cling to the coast line and a traditional way of life.

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Top 5 Breweries Around the Ring Road

There’s nothing like a cold, frothy beer at the end of a hard day’s drive and adventuring to help you relax. Luckily, Iceland enjoys a great number of different breweries for such a small country.

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How to be a Good Tourist in Iceland

Although we know most of you are savvy world travelers, there are some general tips for traveling in Iceland that are always good to know. In a country as beautiful as Iceland, it’s important to travel thoughtfully, responsibly, and respect the count...

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