What to Pack on a Camper Van Trip in Iceland

What to Pack on a Camper Van Trip in Iceland

You’ve booked a campervan and are starting to plan your trip. Thinking about what to pack comes with a lot of stress, especially when you consider that the weather in Iceland can be challenging to say the least. Luckily, we at Go Campers have you covered – here are the essentials for any camping trip around Iceland.

Suitcase vs. Backpack

If you’re thinking about bringing a backpack instead of a suitcase due to having more mobility, you don’t need to worry. The campervans are designed to hold any type of bag, and there won’t be much moving about of your luggage. But we recommend duffel bags.


My friend and I are constantly checking up on each-others layer situation in Iceland. Do you have a thermal base? Are you wearing a t-shirt underneath a long sleeve shirt? Shirt, sweater, jacket?

It’s cold and windy in Iceland, so layers are a great way to be able to beat the weather. Too warm? Take a layer off. Too cold? Put another one.

Generally, I find having a thermal base on top makes things a bit too warm – generally, one t-shirt, a warm sweater, and then my outer-shell jacket is perfect. For those colder days, it pays to add a flannel shirt or a long-sleeved shirt underneath the sweater as well. On colder days I think it’s also essential to wear a light second layer over your legs as well.

A Wind and Waterproof Jacket

Your essential and life-saving outer layer needs to be good, as it’s what will be copping the brunt of the harsh Icelandic weather. It’s very useful for your camper trip to have one that is both waterproof and windproof, as that’s likely what you’ll be encountering.

Rain Coat

If your outer-shell is only water-resistant, you might need to pack a rain coat in case there are some heavier days of rain on the forecast.


You should have at least a couple pairs of pants that you’re comfortable hiking in, getting muddy and wet. A good pair of long johns to wear underneath will be good for those chillier days in the winter time as well.

A Warm Sweater

Icelanders love a good woolly sweater, and for good reason. You’ll either be wearing this underneath your jacket or wearing it without a jacket; either way, you’ll be wearing it most days on your camper trip.


Hiking shoes/Boots

Iceland is an adventurous country, very untamed in some parts. A lot of what you’ll be doing is walking around to look at different waterfalls, hiking coastal trails, or tramping through mud, rain and snow. Sneakers are fine for a day out in Reykjavik, but for everything else a sturdy pair of waterproof boots will be essential.

Shirts, Socks and Jocks

Your base layers will get dirtiest that fastest, it goes without saying that you should have more of these than anything else. A flannel shirt is a good addition to your upper layers, and a thick pair of woolen socks will come in handy during your road trip as well.

Hat and Gloves

Iceland is cold. These will be essential in winter time, and comfortable to have as a backup in the summer.

Swimmers and a Towel

Iceland is home to a large amount of natural hot springs and warm geothermal swimming pools. You’ll likely be taking a dip at some point on your trip, so remember your bathers and a towel as well as you don’t want to have to buy them when you arrive.

A Water Bottle

There’s no reason to go about buying water in Iceland if you bring your own reusable bottle. Iceland’s water is some of the cleanest in the world, so you can fill up at any tap (just run it on cold for a while to get it nice and chilly) and sometimes even in rivers around the country.


No camping road trip would be complete without music. All of the Go Campers come equipped with Bluetooth and/or aux input, so make sure to load up your phone or iPod with some good tunes.

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