Should I Rent a 4x4 Camper in Iceland?

Should I Rent a 4x4 Camper in Iceland?

Iceland is a country of rugged and powerful terrain, with an almost unlimited potential for adventure. Camper vans are by far the best way to see the country, but you might be wondering whether to step it up a notch and rent yourself a 4x4 camper.

Our fleet of 4x4 campers are all brand new automatic vehicles, and the Go Campers staff won’t let you leave the office until you’re completely comfortable with driving it. With a heater for chilly nights, cooler to keep food fresh, in-built GPS, and a tap and basin with fresh drinking water, these 4x4s are well prepared for any adventures you might undertake across Iceland. Read on to discover all the amazing advantages that come with renting a 4x4 camper from Go Campers.

The Roads

Anyone who has travelled in Iceland will be able to tell you that the roads in the country aren’t the best; even the ring road turns into a bumpy dirt road at one stage in the east. And while rental cars are allowed on all of them (except the F-Roads), there are a lot of roads that aren’t serviced regularly and shouldn’t be attempted with a regular vehicle. With a 4x4, you won’t have to worry about whether your car is suitable for the road ahead, as it will be able to take you to the furthest reaches of the island that paved roads haven’t reached yet, and where others dare not travel. This means more adventure, more isolation with Iceland’s spectacular nature, and a better experience overall.

Regions like the Westfjords and the north-east of the country are still very isolated, with pothole-riddled roads throughout. 4x4 campers are perfect for getting off the beaten track and exploring these undiscovered regions.

Of course, caution must be used when driving around Iceland, even with a 4x4. Learn all about driving in Iceland with Elfis the Icelandic Elf, and always keep an eye on the road conditions at

The Weather

The weather in Iceland can be downright unpredictable at the best of times. The country’s isolated position in the far flung north Atlantic Ocean means that fierce winds and storms can whip up out of nowhere, and a nice sunny day can quickly deteriorate into dangerous conditions. Sturdy 4x4s can handle the conditions better than most cars, making you feel safe in most conditions that mother nature can throw at you whilst in Iceland. Equipped with studded tires for the darker winter months, 4x4 campers are a good option year-round.

Even with a 4x4, it is still important to always pay attention to weather warnings and any travel recommendations that come with them. Stay up to date at

The Highlands

If you’re asking yourself whether it’s worth renting a 4x4 campervan during the calmer summer months, one thought comes to mind; the Icelandic highlands. This might just be the final frontier in Iceland, and it’s in this vast unexplored tundra of black sand where you’ll find the country’s most stunning scenery, sprinkled with active volcanoes, glittering glaciers atop mountain ranges, and mighty glacial rivers. Traversing the lunar-like landscapes of the highlands are the mountain roads, known as F-Roads.

The F stands for ford, meaning that at one point you can expect to have to ford an unbridged river on the roads – this, coupled with the fact that the roads aren’t regularly serviced, is why regular cars aren’t allowed on them. For those nervous at this prospect, a rule of thumb when crossing rivers is that if you can’t walk across, you shouldn’t want to drive across. Read our article on fording rivers and how to drive on F-Roads for more information

Opening during the warmer summer months, the only vehicles allowed on these roads are 4x4s. With a rented 4x4 camper, you’ll be able to embark on an unforgettable adventure into the wild and isolated highlands of Iceland. Below you can see the mountain roads and their usual expected opening dates. However, it is all weather dependent, so remember to stay up to date with what’s open and what’s not at


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